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  • Event Preparation Meeting

    You've already booked your event at Carbon Creek and want to meet in person to ask questions, finalize decor, or see the venue space again.

  • Planning Meeting

    These meetings are for those who have already booked Heather for wedding or event planning and want to meet in person to work on planning. Some planning services including color selection, floral design approval, or stationery design approval must be done in person.

  • Planning Consultation

    Wedding or event planning consultations are free and afterward you'll receive a no-obligation quote for services. We'll gladly travel to you or video chat if distance is a factor.

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  • Reimagining or Postponing Your Wedding

    With stay-at-home orders and business closures being extended recently, more couples are facing the reality of having to reimagine or postpone weddings they've been planning for months. Trying to reschedule or rearrange a wedding in the span of a few weeks can be overwhelming. Here are the steps I use to help couples manage it all. Before you begin, gather everything you'll need. You probably already have your cell phone in your hand, but grab a notebook and pencil too. You'll be processing lots of info from many sources and writing things down can help keep it all organized. While you're at it, grab some snacks or your favorite drink. Oh, and don't forget your future spouse. Side note: if you're prepared enough to have already bought wedding insurance, you're probably prepared enough not to need the following advice. Check with your insurance agent to find out what they'll need from you to file a claim. Keep that info in mind if you follow the steps below. 1) Find out what current gathering or event restrictions exist in your area or in the area where you plan to marry. Check with local and state governments directly. News outlets sometimes miss details that may be important for your decision-making process. If there are expiration dates on restrictions, be sure to take note of those but keep in mind the restrictions can be extended beyond those dates. If you haven’t filed for your marriage license, find out when you’ll be able to do so. Government offices may only provide online services or temporarily suspend services. 2) Determine the most important parts of your day. List them in order of importance, starting with non-negotiable items. You can have as few or as many items on your list as you like. They can include having extended family and friends with you to celebrate, keeping your original date any way you can, or having the venue, photographer, or cake you just can't give up. Don't forget to list things you're willing to change or give up altogether, like trading that huge reception for a smaller, more intimate one, or getting rid of that donut wall cuz you don't want to eat four dozen leftover donuts (or maybe you do). 3) Check the rescheduling or cancellation policies for your booked vendors. Contact them to see if they are making exceptions or allowances for clients affected by the pandemic. Be sure to check for “force majeure” or “act of God” clauses as they may affect your vendor’s rescheduling or cancellation policies. Consult with an attorney if you have questions about your vendor contracts or feel like your vendor isn’t honoring their contract. 4) Now it's finally time to reschedule or reimagine your wedding. Use the list you created in step two and the information gathered in step three to guide you. If your date is very important, consider having a very small ceremony that satisfies the legal requirements of a wedding on your date, then have a big reception or anniversary party later. You can live-stream the actual ceremony or even recreate it for all your guests later. If having your friends and family present is important, work with your vendors to find another date that most, if not all of them, are available. 5) Inform your guests of any changes that affect them such as date changes or scaled-down ceremonies or receptions. Decide if you want to share that information by phone, social media, email, or mail “postponouncements” (yeah, they're a thing now). Be sure to update your wedding website if you have one, but don’t rely on it as the only way to inform your guests. If you’re postponing your wedding by more than 1-2 months, be sure to give guests a way to update their RSVP too. 6) Determine if you want or need to change any of your wedding details, such as seasonal decor, wedding party attire, etc. Especially consider updating wedding party attire if you're moving a summer wedding to autumn or fall. Make a plan for renting or buying new decor or attire. Many vendors may be closed for in-person services but you may still be able to contact them by phone, email, or even video chat. Consider selling or donating decor and attire that you no longer need if you can’t return or exchange it. Notify your venue, caterer, baker, bar supplier, and linen or decor supplier if you reduce guest counts. Now that you have this guide to help you, remember that all of this is a process. It took months to plan your wedding. Don't expect your wedding to be reimagined or rescheduled in one or two days, or even a week. Enlist trusted family and friends to help you with some tasks, like contacting vendors or notifying guests of changes. Even if your wedding looks different than you planned you're still marrying the person you love, just like you planned. I am offering additional help to couples whose weddings have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic at no charge. Because of restrictions in place by local and state governments, all my services will be provided virtually. For more information about how I can help, please contact me at planning@carboncreekevents or call/text 620-231-4359.

  • Weddings and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Social distancing, self-quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and full or partial closure of many businesses have disrupted our daily lives in immense ways. Many couples have been forced to cancel or postpone their wedding ceremonies at receptions. Others are hoping they won't be forced to postpone their celebrations too. Some couples have become creative and are still getting married. Others have chosen to postpone everything. Some aren't sure what to do next or are having a difficult time navigating postponement. There are lots of articles on the web with good advice for couples trying to figure out what to do next. In this time of uncertainty and social-distancing, sometimes personal advice can help more than an impersonal article on the web. Every couple's situation and needs are different, so I am offering free personalized help and advice to any couple affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we can't meet in person, I can help via video chat, direct message, email, call, or text message. Heather Docherty, Certified Wedding Planner Carbon Creek Wedding & Event Planning (620) 231-4359 Google Hangouts & Zoom

  • Sweet Autumn Wedding

    This sweet autumn wedding for Alison and Justin was 16 years in the making. Their story started at their high school homecoming dance. After a few plot twists, their story arrives here at their wedding. The photos tell their own story, but it's obvious they'll be adding many wonderful chapters to their story in the future.

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  • Carbon Creek Events & Venue | Party | Wedding | Pittsburg KS

    Carbon Creek specializes in weddings, formal dances, quinceaneras, birthday and anniversary parties, and much more. Located in Southeast Kansas, our venue has over 6000 square feet of event space and is ideal for up to 400 people. The crowning feature of our space is a large sunken dance floor with mirrored ceilings and built-in sound and lighting systems. About Us Photos & Advice Digital Tour

  • Carbon Creek Weddings | Ceremonies & Receptions | Pittsburg KS

    Our inclusive wedding packages make planning easier! Wedding planning can be stressful, but our packages make your day easier from planning to partying! All our packages offer the services of four vendors for one price and include: DJ and MC services provided by our house DJ and customized for your wedding. One bartender and a fully stocked cash bar with open bar options. An on-site wedding coordinator to help ensure your day runs smoothly. We will meet your vendors for deliveries on your behalf. Use of our catering kitchen, commercial ice machine, and full-size refrigerator. Tables and chairs for up to 300 guests set up before you arrive to decorate. Much of the clean up done for you including sweeping, mopping, and trash removal. Essential Wedding Packages These packages are designed for those who want to get it all done at once. Set up, decorate, celebrate, and tear down all in the same day. Reception Only $1700 Venue access from 10 am to 12 am. 5 consecutive hours of DJ, bartender, and coordinator services. Savings of $575 over a-la-carte prices. Ceremony & Reception $2150 Venue access from 8 am to 12 am. 6 consecutive hours of DJ, bartender, and coordinator services. 1 additional hour of DJ service for rehearsal. Use of bridal party dressing rooms. Savings of $850 over a-la-carte prices. Deluxe Wedding Packages Our most popular packages give you more time, which means less stress. The day before your wedding is reserved for you to set up and decorate. Reception Only $1950 5 consecutive hours of DJ, bartender, and coordinator services. 8 additional hours for set up, decoration, vendor delivery, and tear down that can be split over two days. Savings of $425 over a-la-carte prices. Ceremony & Reception $2450 6 consecutive hours of DJ, bartender, and coordinator services. 12 hours for set up, decoration, rehearsal, vendor delivery, and tear down that can be split over two days. 1 additional hour of DJ service for rehearsal. Use of bridal party dressing rooms. Savings of $650 over a-la-carte prices. Additional event or set-up and tear-down time is available for purchase before or during your wedding at the same discounted package pricing.​ Essential wedding packages are not eligible for set up the day before or tear down the day after. Linen or decor rentals are not included. Additional fees apply to wedding dates during peak wedding months or on major holidays. Please email us at if you have questions. Schedule a Tour Heather Docherty, TWP Apr 16, 2020 Reimagining or Postponing Your Wedding Heather Docherty, TWP Apr 4, 2020 Weddings and the COVID-19 Pandemic Carbon Creek Venue Dec 10, 2019 Sweet Autumn Wedding

  • Carbon Creek Wedding & Event Planning | United States

    We are excited to announce HD Events by Carbon Creek, providing wedding and event services in the Four State area! Let HD Events turn your vision into a reality by curating an occasion that truly reflects your personality and style. ​ Full or partial planning services are available to fit your specific needs. Our wedding or event management services are what some refer to as wedding coordination. A selection of our most popular services are listed below and additional services may be available. Decor Design & Styling Vendor Referral & Selection Decoration Setup & Teardown Backdrops and Installations Wedding or Event Management Schedule or Timeline Creation Stationery Selection or Design Lodging or Transportation Planning service prices are as unique as you are! Free consultations are available to discuss your specific needs. Schedule your free consultation! Meet our Planner! Heather Docherty became our resident wedding and event planner after completing her education in January 2018 through the Association of Bridal Consultants. In 2020, she switched her membership to the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners (AACWP) in order to expand her education and improve her skills. ​ In an effort to be more inclusive of all couples, Heather also became Equally Wed Certified in 2021. Outside of HD Events, Heather is a member of Q Space, a local LGBTQ+ non-profit, and the City of Pittsburg's Human Relations Committee. Heather is also working to build a network of wedding and event professionals in the Southeast Kansas area who are globally inclusive. We believe every couple and family should be able to celebrate life's joyous events without the fear of discrimination in any form. ​ If you need help finding inclusive wedding and event vendors that serve Southeast Kansas, please use our Contact Us page. Heather Docherty, TWP Apr 16, 2020 Reimagining or Postponing Your Wedding Heather Docherty, TWP Apr 4, 2020 Weddings and the COVID-19 Pandemic Heather Docherty, TWP Jan 29, 2019 Corporate Holiday Party

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